Omnichannel Customer Support Software for E-Commerce

In the e-commerce world, consumer expectations for convenience and responsiveness are higher than ever. Our omnichannel customer support software helps brands deliver the experience that shoppers want at every stage of the customer life cycle across all platforms.

Support seamless customer journeys with a cloud-based contact center.

With our Contact Center as a Service model, you can scale at any time.

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Resolve Common E-Commerce Communication Challenges

Prompt Support

Respond to customer questions and complaints quickly, even with seasonal high-volume inquiries. Address operational inefficiency and improve adherence to SLAs.

Seamless Integration

Give agents a single, comprehensive view of the customer for accurate, up-to-date information that improves service quality. Integrate with CRM, order management, shipment tracking, and helpdesk solutions.

Omnichannel Conversation

Provide timely and consistent communication across social, web, phone, text, and other channels without making customers “start over.” Use voice and chat simultaneously for greater accuracy.

Insights for Improvement

Track key metrics for customer support software including volume of inbound queries, number of missed calls, and time to resolution. Leverage accurate data for intelligent decisions.

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Boost Sales Revenue with Ozonetel’s E-Commerce Contact Center Platform

Integrate contact center with Facebook, chatbot, Twitter and live chat for engagement and interaction during the buying decision.

Convert visitors with click2call and live chat to answer pre-sales questions and provide a better buying experience.

Exceed expectations with proactive SMS or email providing detailed shipping status.

Provide 24/7 support for standard queries including cancellation, current status, refund status and more with automated IVR.

Monitor call center performance continuously with live analytics, daily reports, speech analytics for agent recordings, and more.

Improve customer retention with feedback gained from IVR blast and other survey techniques.

Send promotional offers using SMS and other methods to boost customer lifetime value.

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