Interactive Voice Response System

Your IVR can do much more than just offer menu options to your customers. Let it offer self-service, understand spoken requests, collect feedback and connect callers to the right agent on both inbound and outbound campaigns.

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Learn how our Modern IVR Solutions can Improve Productivity And Experience


Auto Play Welcome Messages, After-Hour Messages & Holiday Messages as per your needs. Use our simple interfaces to create text to speech messages or upload recordings with ease.


Enable callers to choose from multi-level menus to connect to the right agent. Use predefined rules, queue traffic monitoring & real-time reports to manage wait times efficiently.


Our Cloud IVR routes to remote agents wherever they are, even if they are not logged in— via browsers, landlines or mobile devices.


Voicemail, abandoned call reports, and callback alerts ensure you never miss a call or keep customers waiting too long.


Use your IVR for outbound campaigns to auto send personalized announcements or greetings.


Connect callers to your IVR post calls to confidentially collect feedback.

Choose From Our Multiple IVR Solutions


Guide Your Caller To The Precise Department

Our multi-level IVR gives your user more options in an organized manner. It allows them to use either natural language or DTMF tones to select options. Being a cloud IVR solution, it enables customers to connect with your agents wherever they are situated on a single customer-facing number.


Let Intelligent IVR Deliver Self Service & Improve Experience

Intelligent IVR integrates with your CRM, ticketing or other databases to recognize customers when they call and route them according to your predefined rules. Self-service solutions allow callers to check ticket status, cancel, book and return items or get answers to Frequently Asked Questions with ease.

Go Live with a Complete Contact Center Solution in Just One Day

Deploy the Ozonetel CloudAgent platform to access advanced features like Drag & Drop IVR, ACD, skill routing, sticky agents, agent scripts, and more.

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Let Callers Speak Naturally to Your IVR

  • Ozonetel Speech API uses Natural Language Processing to understand speech with a 92.4% accuracy.
  • Callers can speak to your IVR instead of keying in numbers.
  • Conversational IVR can be used to collect feedback in a voice format.
  • All voice recordings are converted to text for easy storage and analytics.

Conversational IVR


Use Outbound IVR to send Personalized Messages to Large datasets Automatically

  • Send outbound messages to announce, remind, for surveys or to collect feedback.
  • Link IVR with your database or CRM to personalize every message.
  • Use speech capabilities, so people can talk to your IVR instead of using DTMF inputs.


Reduce Frustration & Improve Options for Your Mobile-first Generation

  • Listening to long IVR menus is frustrating.
  • Visual navigation is 4x faster, and much easier.
  • Blend visual self-service options into your IVR.

All Features


  • Auto attendant
  • Single Level IVR
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Multiple extensions.
  • Multiple campaigns
  • Offline agent
  • Landline/Mobile call forwarding


  • Office Hours routing
  •  After hour routing
  • Skill-Based Routing.
  • Campaign based routing
  • Time based routing
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Queue Monitoring
  • Call transfer advice
  • Wait & Hold music

Smart IVR

  • Customized self-service flow
  • Conversational IVR
  • Visual IVR
  • CRM integrations
  • Priority queuing
  • Sticky Agents
  • Natural language processing


  • Voice blast
  • Drag & Drop IVR Designer
  • Feedback IVR
  • Announcement IVR
  • Reminder IVR
  • Dynamic Value
  • Auto personalized message

Reports & Analytics

  • Management Dashboard
  • Live Agent Monitoring
  • Call Traffic Report
  • Queue Analysis reports
  • Abandoned Call Alerts
  • Abandoned call reports
  • Live Wallboard

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