Cloud-Based Phone Dialers

Easy to use auto-dialers for sales and support.
Setup in minutes to streamline your calling processes,
increase efficiency and convert faster.

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Capterra Top 20 for Predictive Dialer Jun-20

Auto Dialers For Call Centers

Inbound Sales

Instantaneously call leads

Outbound Sales

Rapidly burn through call lists

Customer Service

Automate call backs for inbound calls abandoned in queue.


Send outbound IVR messages or reminders to large datasets.

How It Works

No hardware, installation or heavy IT support required. Login and start dialing right away.

  • Set up your campaign

    Choose a phone number to dial from and configure a new outbound campaign.

  • Upload Calling List

    Upload your customer names and phone numbers.

  • Select agents or IVR

    Select which group of agents will handle the campaign or set up an IVR.

  • Get connected

    Your auto dialer will now dial numbers, skip busy tones and answering machines to connect your agents or IVR to a live prospect.

Go Live with a Complete Contact Center Solution in Just One Day

Deploy the Ozonetel CloudAgent platform to access advanced features like Drag & Drop IVR, ACD, skill routing, sticky agents, agent scripts, and more.

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One Dialer, Multiple Modes

Ozonetel lets you choose from four auto-dialing modes as per your campaign needs.

Predictive Dialer

The fastest dialing mode. In this mode, an algorithm estimates agent availability to minimizes time between calls and maximize agent utilization. Ideal for 1000+ calls per day, or when data quality is low, database is large and agent productivity is a priority. Use predictive dialing for telecalling, telemarketing, and cold calling processes.

Power Dialer

Balances agent productivity with conversation quality. In this mode, dialer calls one phone number after another sequentially, ensuring agents availability before callee answers. Use it for medium to large databases when data quality and conversion value is high. Popular for sales calls in banking, insurance and real estate.

Preview Dialer

Gives agents time to carefully review customer information and requirements. Use it when the revenue generated per call is very high, or when customer requirements vary from case to case. Ideal for inbound sales processes where agent can carefully review customer information before connecting to the lead.

IVR Dialer

Dials phone numbers simultaneously and connects to an IVR. It can relay a personalized, pre-recorded message and disconnect. Or it can collect DTMF or voice inputs. You can also use this dialer to connect with a voice bot or conversational IVR. Use it to notify customers, or remind them about appointments, pending payments, due dates, or renewal dates.

A Complete Dialer Suite

Ozonetel Auto dialers come packed with every tool and feature you need to run a successful outbound campaign.

Pacing Ratio

The supervisor can set pacing ratio to maximize agent productivity based on agent’s historical call-handling statistics, wait time and SLAs

CRM Integration

Our Dialer API’s seamlessly integrate with your CRM to make outbound campaigns smoother than ever.

Live Monitoring & Reports

View or listen-in to live agent activity; and get real-time reports on the data uploaded, dialed, and pending in each campaign.

Flexible number format

Our dialers accept all phone number formats, so you don’t need to waste time editing before uploading.

Flexible Dial logic

Easily switch from customer-first dialing to agent-first dialing whenever data quality is low.

Retry Scheduling

Use our easy logic engine to specify when and how many times to retry unanswered numbers.

Answering Machine Detection

All our dialers skip answering machines to connect agents only to live prospects

Text to Speech

Use text to speech to create quickly create automated, personalized IVR messages.

Call Recordings

Automatically record every call and view it easily within Reports, or alongside prospect data in your CRM.

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